Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action

The Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action takes action to safeguard the environment and protect land and water resources.

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PEI Watershed Alliance

The overall goal of the PEIWA is to improve and protect the environmental quality of Prince Edward Island watersheds, for the benefit of all Island residents. The Alliance shall empower Island watershed groups to achieve their goals by promoting cooperation, by serving their needs and by providing a strong, united voice in addressing Island-wide watershed issues.

Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project

The Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project is a non-profit, charitable initiative of the Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island. It combines the protection of natural areas with wildlife enhancement, forest stewardship, watershed protection, environmental education, and ecological research.

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PEI Invasive Species Council

The PEI Invasive Species Council is a non-profit group of individuals and organizations focused on the creation of a framework for the management of invasive species that threaten Prince Edward Island’s environmental, economic and social health.